RSE Commitments

Accueil / RSE Commitments

Fondations et Forages d’Afrique, a subsidiary of the group, is a responsible player on the African continent and relies on the 5 pillars of sustainable development defined by our group CSR committee.

As part of our drilling and special foundation activities, we will be particularly vigilant in mitigating our negative impacts on the environment.

We want to promote our positive societal impacts through local recruitment, training of young people, promotion of women in water professions and programs for access to water.

Ethical and responsible governance

In FFA’s strategy, we will be particularly careful to put in place a CSR roadmap in line with the group’s pillars. The FFA is committed to promoting a quality, safety and environmental and social risk prevention approach in its interventions.

FFA is committed to its employees

People are at the heart of the FFA organization in order to create support, to give meaning, to ensure well-being at work and to retain our talents. For this we relied on the following values ​​and commitments:

Fair and interested remuneration
Favorable working conditions
Development prospects and empowerment of our employees
Systematic collaboration and communication between teams
Inclusive recruitment, promotion of diversity
Health insurance for all
Work timetable

We think on a country and regional scale when it comes to human resources since 95% of our employees come from the regions of West and Central Africa. The recruitment of African skills and talents is a real development strategy for FFA, including in managerial positions.

FFA is committed to reducing its environmental impact

We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. For this we are particularly vigilant on the following subjects:

Saving energy and resources
Circular economy and waste reprocessing
Concern for groundwater renewal

Our group is part of a carbon footprint and compensation approach by setting up reforestation programs in Africa.

FFA is rooted in its territory

Our presence in 8 African countries, as well as our expertise in the geology of the geographical areas that we have been surveying for several decades, allows us to best support national institutions, NGOs, village communities, companies and donors in their development projects. boreholes and access to water. But beyond drilling, FFA wishes to engage in water management programs.

FFA, a contributor to the Duval Foundation, wishes to strengthen its actions in favor of vocational training for young people.

Innovation and impact

FFA is committed to promoting and participating in targeted impact programs on access to and management of water for populations.